Vivo TWS 4 & TWS 4 Hi-Fi Launched with Qualcomm S3 Gen 3 sound platform

The company just unveiled the Vivo TWS 4 and TWS 4 Hi-Fi earbuds. These earphones are the latest iteration of Vivo’s TWS 3 series, which debuted in 2022.

Vivo TWS 4 Specs

According to Weibo, The TWS 4 has Qualcomm’s S3 Gen 2 sound platform, which is known for its excellent audio performance. On the other hand, the TWS 4 Hi-Fi is equipped with the S3 Gen 3, which was just introduced and promises even better audio. Both versions come with 55dB active noise cancellation, an in-ear design for maximum comfort, and a 45-hour battery life, among other features.

With their ceramic tungsten acoustic diaphragms and Bluetooth 5.4 technology, these headphones provide superior sound quality and reliable wireless connectivity. With support for high-quality aptX Lossless audio encoding at a rate of 1.2Mbps and aptX Adaptive, the TWS 4 Hi-Fi earbuds also feature AI-enhanced call noise reduction and 44ms low latency.

Vivo TWS 4 & TWS 4 Hi-Fi Launched with Qualcomm S3 Gen 3 sound platform

These earphones stand out due to their spatial sound field engine, which uses four distinct spatial sound modes to provide a three-dimensional listening experience. The 12.2mm dynamic driver is standard on both models, and they support a wide variety of audio codecs, including LDAC, AAC, SBC, LC3, and the aptX Lossless codec that was previously stated for the TWS 4 Hi-Fi. The audio range is 16 Hz to 48kHz.

Vivo TWS 4 Prices

The TWS 4 earphones, which come in Dark Blue and White, cost 399 yuan (US$55), while the TWS 4 Hi-Fi earbuds, which come in Ultimate Blue and White, cost 499 yuan (US$69). You can pre-order them now, and they’ll formally go on sale in China on April 3rd.


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