OnePlus Always On Display App Update Gets General Improvement OxygenOS 14.20.7

OnePlus Always On Display (AOD) is a feature found on many AMOLED devices that allows you to see the clock, date, notifications, missed calls, and other information. When the screen goes dark, you can do a lot more with AOD using the OxygenOS interface.

As a result, OnePlus updates this program on a regular basis to bring new features and changes. So, if you want to try out the new Oneplus Always On Display capabilities, simply keep updating the app from the Google Play Store.

Furthermore, Always On Display (AOD) is a feature offered on select OnePlus smartphones. When your phone’s screen is switched off, the AOD feature allows you to view the time, date, notifications, missed calls, and other information. You can accomplish considerably more with AOD thanks to the OxygenOS interface.

On the OnePlus, OxygenOS 13 Always-On Display includes Insight Always-On Display with Bitmoji, which provides more personalized AOD settings and animations. It also has the Portrait Silhouette Always-On Display, which now includes more drawing tools and line colors.

Aside from that, this feature includes several intriguing capabilities in the Always-On Display interface that handle the music player and food delivery. Your magical presentation combines both entertaining acts.

OnePlus is releasing the September 2023 update for its OnePlus Always On Display app, which includes OxygenOS v14.20.7, which basically fixes bugs and minorly improves functionality.


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