Nokia Set To Announce Android 14

Google officially released the Android 14 update a few weeks ago. According to the policies,the brand first rolled it out to eligible Google Pixel devices before distributing it toother smartphone brands. Furthermore, Samsung has already begun rolling out Android 14, initially to its flagship device. Notably, Nokia has taken no action in response to this update.

Android 14 is the most recent Android version, and it includes numerous new features, improvements, and changes. This update includes features such as a Monochrome theme, easy data sharing, and many more to improve the device’s functionality and performance, resulting in a smooth performance.

Nokia Set To Announce Android 14 : Speculations

Meanwhile, every brand is moving towards Android 14, but there has been no news or action regarding Android 14 for Nokia smartphones. At the same time, Nokia device owners are eagerly anticipating the latest upgrade, Android 14.

However, recent reports indicate that the brand ‘Nokia’ is on its way to delivering some new features, but there are many other changes as well. So it appears that Nokia device owners will finally get new features, improvements, and changes.

A post on X, formerly Twitter, shared by @SaMeH_HoTlAiN, who stated that, suggests this.

“It seems that the Nokia G42 is the first device with Android 14.” 

By this statement, it is pretty clear that Nokia is on the way to introducing Android 14 for the Nokia G42. It is expected that the score is based on Android 14, which could mean Nokia is testing Android 14 on the Nokia G42 5G.

If the reports of Nokiamob are to be believed, the Geekbench results of the Nokia G42 5G running Android 14 are the same as those of scores on Android 13. So, the forthcoming Android 14 for Nokia devices is not going to impact the performance of the device, but the users get extra features that can enhance their usage experience.

Noticeably, there is no official revelation about Android 14 yet from Nokia. All these reports are based on leaks and rumors.


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