Apple iOS 17.2.1 releases with Important Bug Fixes

The latest version of iOS, 17.2.1, is now available to everyone. Any iPhone XR or later model can get the latest update. There are just a few small but important fixes in this update. The iOS 16.7.4 update is also being sent to those on an iOS 16 build.

As previously reported earlier this week by Macrumors, Apple is indeed working on iOS 17.2.1. Since Apple is unlikely to release any updates next week—or even the week after—this update couldn’t have come at a better moment.

Apple today released the most recent versions of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS Sonoma: 17.2.1, 16.7.4, and 14.2.1. These four updates are all that Apple has released thus far. The latest version of iOS, 17.2.1, with the build number 21C66, is 224MB in size. With the build number 20H240, the iOS 16.7.4 update is available.

Apple iOS 17.2.1 releases with Important Bug Fixes

A significant bug or security issue was likely present in the previous update if Apple were to release incremental updates so soon after a major update. Because of that, these minor iOS updates are crucial. Users are in the dark because Apple won’t reveal what they’ve fixed. The only thing said about the update is that it’s recommended for all users and fixes important bugs. People can look over the issues with earlier versions and see what has changed in this one.

iOS 17.2.1 is available to all users with eligible iPhones who haven’t installed the beta update. If you are facing bugs on iOS 17.2, this update might fix some of them. You can check for the update by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

If you have opted for beta but haven’t installed iOS 17.3 beta, then you can turn off the beta option in Software Update and you will see the iOS 17.2.1 update. Before updating your iPhone, take a backup of your data and charge it to at least 50%.


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