WatchOS 10 Brings Apple Watch Ultra Automatic Night Mode

Owners of the Apple Watch Ultra should expect increased functionality, tweaks, and enhancements as part of watchOS 10. The brand ‘Apple’ is introducing a slew of new widget systems for users’ convenience. But in this article, we’ll look at Night Mode, one of the most apparent and intriguing features that watchOS 10 brings to Apple Watch Ultra owners.

Automated & On/Off Night Mode

Apple Watch Ultra certainly has a number of distinctive features that improve performance and functionality. Now, watchOS 10 includes the new Modular Ultra watch face, which, like the Wayfinder face, supports Night Mode on Apple Watch Ultra.

If you jump to the previous version, the Night Mode will place a red filter on the display, which can only be activated manually by twisting the Digital Crown. For these two watch faces, watchOS 10 provides a Night Mode setting in the Watch face edit screen that allows users to set it to Automate or always On/Off.

If the users select the Auto setting, the Night Mode will be activated automatically under low-light settings, such as when the users’ sleeve is covering their watch or they are looking at it in a dark room. Turning the Digital Crown, for example, no longer functions because this technique brings up the most recent Widget Stack.

Human eyes do not require manual mode switching to acclimatize to different lighting settings, much as Night Mode on the Apple Watch Ultra does not. The Apple Watch Ultra’s ambient light sensor is used by the watch’s Auto Night Mode to detect when light levels are low enough for Night Mode to be easier on the eyes.


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