17 Ways to Use Spotlight Search on any iPhone

17 Ways to Use Spotlight Search on any iPhone

Look no further than Spotlight for a quick and easy way to search for information on your iPhone. It becomes even more powerful with iOS 17. Spotlight allows you to search for apps, contacts, messages, emails, music, news, and much more. Here are some examples of what Spotlight can do.

You don’t need to do anything because all apps have the spotlight feature enabled by default. However, if it is not working for a specific app, you can check again in Settings > Siri & Search. Scroll down to see a list of all apps that have been installed.

Ways to Use Spotlight Search on any iPhone

1. Call, Text, or FaceTime

If you want to contact someone via phone, text, or FaceTime, you don’t need to open any apps. Spotlight allows you to quickly contact anyone on your contact list.

Simply swipe down from the home screen, launch Spotlight, and search for the person you want to contact. You can FaceTime, send text messages, or make a phone call right there.

2. Quick Rich Search Results

Need to quickly check something? Spotlight has got you covered! No need to open your browser. Simply open Spotlight, type your query, and it will display results with additional details such as the latest news and social media handles (if available).

3. Enable or Disable Settings

Did you know you can’t disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi from the control panel? The Wi-Fi service on your iPhone will be disconnected, but the Wi-Fi service itself will remain enabled and running in the background. However, if you use Spotlight, you can save time by skipping the Settings process.

Simply swipe down to open Spotlight and search for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi settings. Then, to enable or disable the options, simply tap on the toggle next to them.

4. Identify Music With Shazam

Shazam is a popular app for identifying any song playing nearby. It comes pre-installed on all iPhones, so there’s no need to download anything. Simply open Spotlight, type in “Shazam,” and click on the Shazam shortcut to find out what song it is.

Have a song in mind to jam on? There’s no need to launch the music app and look for a song to listen to. Instead, use the Spotlight to search for the song and play it.

If a song is already playing, you can open Spotlight and it will display the artist name of the currently playing song. You can tap it to learn more about the artist. However, for some reason, it does not work for every song.

6. Add New Event

Simply use Spotlight to easily add an upcoming event to your calendar. Open Spotlight, enter the date, and you’re done! You’ll be given the option to add a new event to the default Apple calendar.

7. Set Timer

Spotlight can set and run a timer if you need to track time for cooking or plank. Just search for “Timer” in Spotlight, select the option, set the time you need, and tap on Start. It’s that simple.

8. Jump to Sub Settings

You don’t have to go through the Settings app to manage small options buried deep in the Settings app. Let’s say you want to customize the actions on AssistiveTouch. Instead of navigating through Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch, you can simply search for it in Spotlight and open the correct screen. It’s a quick and easy way to find any setting and option.

9. Install or Delete App

You can easily install any app by searching for it in Spotlight. There’s no need to go through the trouble of searching for the app in the App Store.

You don’t have to go through the endless list of apps on your iPhone to remove the app. Simply search for the app in Spotlight and hold down the option to uninstall it.

10. Do Calculations

Spotlight can also perform simple to fairly complex calculations right inside the search bar. Enter the formula and you will see the results with an option to copy the result.

11. Search for Images

Usually, we rely on a web browser to search for images of well-known individuals or places. Nevertheless, a more effective approach is directly entering the name in Spotlight. You can easily tap on any image to see a larger and clearer version.

12. Search Within Photos, Documents and iMessage Apps

Spotlight can not only search the web but also within installed apps. Some examples include saved documents in Files, text messages in iMessage, and even images in the Photos app.

13. Check Weather

Are you traveling to a new city and concerned about the weather? Simply type the city name and the word “weather” into Spotlight search to get an instant weather update. When you click on the search result, you’ll be taken to the Weather app, where you can view all of the weather details for that location in great detail.

14. Check Live Score

Wondering what’s going on in the ongoing NBA match? No need to Google the score or open an app. Launch Spotlight, type the team’s name and you can check the score right there. For more details on the match, tap on the result.

Must Read: You can pin live sports scores to your screen, so you can follow the action even when you are not actively watching the game.

15. Quick Dictionary

Instead of having to open a separate dictionary app or website, you can simply type the word into Spotlight and the definition will appear. This can save you precious time and effort.

16. Faster Map Results

Want to grab a quick bite at a restaurant or go shopping? You do not need to launch Maps or a browser to search. Open Spotlight, type in the location’s name, and you’ll be able to get directions on the map right away.

You can also tap on the result to get more information such as the rating, contact number, address, and much more.

17. Conversions

Spotlight can do currency, length, weight, and other conversions easily from the search. Just type how you want to convert and it will show you the results right away. You also have the option to copy the result.

In conclusion

Spotlight is extremely useful, allowing you to search deep within settings and the wild web, as well as files saved within apps such as images, documents, and more. It learns from your behavior the more you use it.



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