Galaxy S21 FE Recived Android 14 in the US

Galaxy S21 FE Recived Android 14 in the US

It’s finally time for Galaxy S21 FE owners to receive the Android 14 and One UI 6.0 updates. The major Android 14 update for the Galaxy S21 FE is now available in the United States. It will be available in other regions soon. The update is delivered on time.

It has been raining Android 14 updates for Galaxy phones for the past two weeks. Although Samsung can improve update management, Samsung phones receive updates much faster than other Android phones. And now the Galaxy S21 FE has joined the fray.

The Galaxy S21 FE was released in 2022 with the Android 12 operating system. The One UI 6 based on Android 14 is the budget premium phone’s second major upgrade. The Galaxy S21 FE comes in two variants, both of which are eligible for the Android 14 update.

The Android 14 update for Galaxy S21 FE is first announced by Verizon which means Verizon powered Galaxy S21 FE are already getting the update. It is available with build version UP1A.231005.007.G990USQU9FWK5. The update should be available in other models and regions soon.

The update includes the November security patch as well as numerous new features. The new features include a new Quick Settings UI, new enhanced widgets, a shortcut to easily switch to text calling, various new camera app features, editing improvements in Gallery, and a slew of others. All of the changes are listed below.

Galaxy S21 FE One UI 6 Changelog

Quick panel

  • The Quick Settings layout has been updated to enhance usability.

Weather Widget

  • A new weather widget was added to provide weather forecasts and insights.
  • You can now check the local weather on a map without adding a current location.


  • Easily create recurring events with repeat recommendations for anniversaries, birthdays and other events.
  • Added Schedule view to see a snapshot of events within a period.
  • Reminders can now be created directly in Calendar.


  • Reminders are now categorized so you can easily view the Reminder by time segment.

Battery and Device Care settings

  • Battery and Device Care settings settings are now separated in Settings menu for quicker access.


  • Added Bixby text call button to easily switch to text calling. Bixby Text call must be first enabled in Call settings.


  • Added separate picture resolution button in Camera quick settings menu. Now you can easily change picture resolution by tapping the 12M button.
  • Added separate video size button in Video quick settings menu. Select Video mode and tap the FHD 30 button at top to show more options.
  • Added Custom camera widget to quickly launch Camera with your saved settings. Custom camera can set the camera starting mode and storage path. You can also edit the name for your Custom camera widget using “Title on widget”.
  • Added “Swipe up/down to switch cameras” button in Camera settings. This will turn on/off the swipe gesture to switch between selfie and rear cameras.


  • Added Details button (i) in Gallery to easily view image information. Optional AI enhancements such as “Remaster” and “Object eraser” are added to the Gallery details page for quick editing.
  • Save an image as a sticker. Tap an object in an image, then an options menu will appear > Select Save as sticker. Next time you use Photo Editor, the saved sticker will show in your sticker options from Gallery.
  • Added a Document scanning option in Gallery. Select the T button in the bottom right corner to start scanning.

Video Player

  • When you pause a video, you can create a sticker from a single frame of video. Tap an object in the image, then an options menu will appear > select Save as sticker. The next time you use Video Editor, you can add this sticker to your videos.

Photo Editor

  • Added More menu (3 dots) in the top right corner for easy access. Added AI tools button (first stars editing icon) to quickly use edits/effects.
  • Added Straighten and Perspective options to the image rotation menu, so the image angle and horizontal/vertical correction can be performed at the same time.
  • Easily tap or draw around any object you want to keep in the picture. Select AI tools > Lasso > tap or draw the object desired.

Video Studio

  • Video Editor has be renamed to “Video Studio” and can be easily found in the Gallery Menu tab. Select Go to Studio and add Studio to the app screen for easier access.
  • Easily edit the videos on one screen using the quick editing elements: text, stickers, audio, etc.

If you own a Verizon-locked Galaxy S21 FE, you can expect Android 14 to be released soon. The update should be widely available soon. Go to Settings > Software Update to check for the update.

Before installing the new update, make a backup and charge your phone to at least 50%.



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