OPPO Reno 7, K9s and K10 Vitality Edition Gets ColorOS 13 Update

Many users have started receiving colorOS 13 on the respective oppo devices. We have good news for OPPO Reno 7, K9s, and K10 Vitality Edition users in China, as they can finally download and install the latest ColorOS 13 update on their devices. This update introduces a variety of new features and enhancements to the user experience, making these phones even more impressive than they already were.

OPPO Reno 7 coloros 13 update

Let’s start with the Oppo Reno 7. This phone already has a lot going for it with its attractive design, robust hardware, and great camera system. With the ColorOS 13 upgrade, the Reno 7 now has even more functions. Further customization options for the home screen and app icons are now available, allowing users to totally customize their phones. The Chinese version of the device has received an update.

Oppo K9s ColorsOS 13 update

The Oppo K9s will be coming next. This mid-range phone has been a popular favorite due to its inexpensive pricing and outstanding performance. The ColorOS 13 upgrade boosts the K9s’ features and capabilities greatly. One of the most visible additions is the new privacy dashboard, which allows users more control over their data while still protecting their privacy. The update also includes improved gesture navigation, quicker app startup times, and a more responsive user interface.

Oppo K10 Vitality Edition ColorsOS 13 update

The Oppo K10 Vitality Edition is the final option. The ColorOS 13 upgrade brings a number of new features and improvements to the K10 Vitality Edition. The update includes a new power saver option that can extend the battery life of the phone by up to 25%. There are also new gaming features, like a game assistant and a gaming toolbox, that make playing games on the phone simpler.


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