How to unlock OnePlus 11R SIM lock (remove region restriction)

A SIM region lock is a form of SIM lock that limits the usage of a mobile phone to a particular region or country. A phone with a SIM region lock will only function with SIM cards from its specific region or country, and will not be compatible with SIM cards from other regions or countries.

For instance, a phone that has a SIM region lock Oneplus 11R for China will only be compatible with SIM cards from China. It will not be compatible with SIM cards from other regions such as Asia or America. Mobile phone manufacturers and network providers frequently implement SIM region locks to regulate the distribution of their phones and ensure that they are exclusively used in their intended regions.

The SIM region lock is typically associated with the phone’s firmware. To remove this lock, a special code must be entered, which is provided by either the manufacturer or the network provider. However, it is important to note that removing a SIM region lock may not always be possible, and it could potentially void the warranty of the phone.

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Here are the steps to unlock SIM Lock on OnePlus 11R:

  • Visit this page\
  • enter Your device IMEI Number & Click convert
  • Now copy the output code
  • Open dialer on Your device
  • dial *#3988691# & enter the output code
  • once done, Reboot your device! Your Device Now unlocked and you can use it on any Region.


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