How to Install Realme Chinese ROM

Realme has different ROMs depending on the region, today we will be discussing how to Install Realme Chinese ROM, The flash process will be for only Chinese users.

Realme smartphones with global service center IDs have been found to have firmware flashing restrictions. This means that users attempting to use service center IDs from outside the Chinese region in order to modify the software on their Chinese device, possibly to versions from other regions or customized builds, may now encounter difficulties.

Steps to Flash or Install Realme Chinese ROM

  • Extract ROM File & tool in same folder
  • Install oppo driver on your computer
  • run Oplus Download tool
  • Login with Chines Service Center ID
  • locate firmware ofp file or dir
  • Click start .
  • Connect Phone to computer followed by this Pattern > Volume up + Volume down + USB cable, if no device then you have to do test point..
  • Wait until Success,
  • once done. unplug device and switch it ON.


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