How to change Samsung Phone CSC (Country Specific Code)

Samsung Phone CSC (Country Specific Code) shows you where a particular phone is produced for, it may be for US only, Korea only, AT&T only, or Global. This is more about the ROM of the device which is designed for a region or carrier.

CSC refers to a Country Specific Code or carrier code that controls the language, network settings, pre-installed apps, and features exclusive to that region or carrier on a Samsung smartphone.

Here are some key points about Samsung Phone CSC:

Regional customization: Samsung‘s regional adaptations reflect the global reach and popularity of the company’s products. There may be variations in the necessary features, languages, laws, and even carrier networks from one area to the next. Thanks to the CSC code, Samsung is able to adapt the smartphone’s software to local regulations.

Language and Localization: The CSC code of a device specifies the default language and localization settings. The CSC code linked to your Samsung device may cause the device to prompt you to select a language during setup.

Carrier Settings: CSC codes may also be network-specific for specific carriers depending on their settings. This suggests that certain hardware components, software configurations, and even applications may be tailored to work with a given network service provider’s infrastructure.

How to Change Samsung Phone CSC using AT Command:

  • install Samsung driver on pc
  • plug the device to pc using USB cable
  • dial code *#0*#
  • Now use the below commands, you can make your own tool or you can use cmd or PowerShell
  • use delay command, delay count : 1000ms (1s)
  • Now use desired country code

  • it’s like

  • Now reboot device



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