Ways To Prevent Your OnePlus phone From Overheating

As OnePlus continues to update its user interface, manufacturers will need to fine-tune their products to operate reliably within a narrow temperature window. However, what if your OnePlus smartphone overheats in the summer? As a OnePlus user, it would be ideal if I never had to deal with issues like this. If you’re having the same overheating problems, it’s time to take action.

However, summer is drawing nearer as the temperature continues to rise. Phones tend to overheat in warm temperatures, but you can keep yours from melting by following these steps.

Here are some reasons why your Oneplus phone is overheating

  • Using the phone while charging
  • Prolonged use of the phone under high brightness levels
  •  Too many apps running in the background
  •  Phone case with poor heat dissipation
  •  The long run of power-consuming apps
  •  Overheats after updating software
  •  Frequent use of navigation apps
  •  Continuous use of hotspot
  •  Using the phone in poor signal areas

 here are the ways To Prevent Your OnePlus phone From Overheating.

  1. Try to avoid using the phone while it is charging. Also, use the original charger and data cable to charge the phone.
  2. Use Auto-Brightness (Settings > Display & brightness > Auto brightness)
  3. Avoid using in places exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight. This can increase the device’s intrinsic tendency to overheat.
  4. Switch off unused or unusual function switches, such as WLAN, Bluetooth, Location Services, etc.
  5. Clear background apps that are not used temporarily.
  6. Avoid materials such as glass and metal, and use a breathable, good heat-dissipation phone case, or remove the phone case altogether.
  7. You can turn down the heat by using dark mode, clearing background apps, and reducing media volume.


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