OnePlus Zen Mode App Gets New V13.0.20 Update

OxygenOS 13 Zen Mode is now better than OxygenOS 12 Mode, and now its UI is amazing and easy to use. This mode also helps you save battery power by reducing screen time. Now, in this recent development, the Chinese tech giant has started rolling out a new update to the OnePlus Zen Mode.

In addition to this, the newest update for the OnePlus Zen Mode comes with version number V13.0.5 and is based on OxygenOS 13 on top-up Android 13 devices.

The new update for the OnePlus Zen Mode app brings general improvements and fixes to enhance overall performance and stability. Other than that, the update doesn’t include any new features or changes but definitely offers a better experience, and your data is better protected now.

OnePlus Zen Mode was created by OnePlus to assist people in living independently without a phone in order to focus in stillness mode. This is a mode in which your device will freeze for a certain amount of time, and everything on the phone will be locked. However, you can receive or make calls and click pictures.

OnePlus Zen Mode is getting a new update with version 13.0.20, which enhances some functions of the app and fixes some known bugs. The installation package size of this update is 85.03 MB; you can install the update through Play Store or download it directly from the link mentioned below.

Download link:




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