OnePlus 12R OxygenOS update adds Object Remover

In India, OnePlus is putting out an update for the OnePlus 12R. OxygenOS is the name of the update that is meant to make the system run better and add some new features that users may find useful.

It’s cool that the AIGC Remover was added. AI can help you get rid of things in your pictures that you don’t want to be there. It’s pretty helpful for quickly cleaning up your photos.

For example, you can now make picture collages without borders right in the Photos app. Holding down the Volume Down button when the screen is off is also a quick way to turn on the flashlight.

If you like being able to change how loud things are on your phone, a new tool lets you do that for each app. To make it look better with the rest of the phone, they made the power bar easier to use.

The phone’s touch controls have also been improved in some cases, and it now links to USB ports in cars and computers better. The system as a whole has also been made more stable.

People will be able to get the update in steps, starting with a small group of people and then everyone. If you find any problems after updating, it’s easy to report them through a menu that you can get to by putting *#800# into the Google Dialer.


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