Nokia T20 Tablet Gets Stable Android 13

Nokia released the Android 13 update for the Nokia XR21 a few weeks ago, and it includes the July 2023 security patch. The long-awaited Android 13 update for the Nokia T20 tablet has begun rolling out. Find out what’s changing with the upcoming software update for your Nokia T20 tablet by reading on.

Some of our readers have reported seeing the Android 13 update for the Nokia T20 tablet in Indian markets. There is, however, evidence to suggest that this update will soon roll out to additional territories.

Build number V3.220 brings the Android 13 update and the Android July security patch 2023 to the Nokia T20 tablet. The size of this update is a whopping 2.74 gigabytes. However, the Indian markets will soon receive this update.

The Nokia T20 Android 13 update introduced a number of new and improved features, including support for third-party app icons via Material You, a revamped quick settings and notification layout, Digital Wellbeing, enhanced clipboard history, and per-app language support. Concern, and a lot more besides. Additionally, security updates will be available until July 2023.

Nokia T20 Tablet Android 13 Update: What’s New?

As per the official update, the Android 13 July security update comes with several new features and enhancements. These include,

  • Themed App Icons: Customize your phone to your personal style. Set more apps- not just Google apps-to match your phone’s wallpaper tint and colors.
  • Photo Picker: Instead of sharing your entire media library with apps, you can select only the photos and videos they’ll need to access.
  • Notification Permissions: Now, the apps you download need your permission to send notifications, helping you proactively protect your time and attention span.
  • New Media Controls: Android 13 comes with a new media player that puts album artwork on full display and features a dancing playback bar.

Additionally, if you have a Nokia T20 tablet, you might have already received the latest Android 13 update on your tablet. You can download the update by going to Settings >> then System >> and finally tapping on the System update option. If the update is not available on your Nokia T20 device, then you will have to wait a little longer for the update to appear on your device.


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