How to Revert OnePlus 11 PHB110 back to ColorOS/Stock ROM

Installing a custom ROM on your OnePlus 11 PHB110 is a fun way to personalize your phone. You can experiment with numerous enhancements and personalization choices. It’s possible, though, that you’ll want to return to the Stock ROM at some point. It’s easy to revert back to the device’s original operating system (ROM) if you’re having software problems, wants to file a warranty claim, or just want to use the device as the manufacturer intended. Here, we’ll show you how to restore your device to its original settings by installing a stock ROM.

Here are the Steps to Revert OnePlus 11 PHB110 back to ColorOS/Stock ROM:

Via Fastboot Mod:

  • Make a backup of your device: Before you start the process, it’s essential to back up your data, so you don’t lose any important files or settings. once backup done move it PC or laptop
  • Download the Stock ROM: You can download latest Stock ROM for your device from this page
  • Flash the Stock ROM: you can flash Stock ROM on your device using the fastboot Mod
  • Plug phone in bootloader Mod
  • Run fastboot enhance tool, plug device in fastboot mod and select reboot fastbootD, then select flash payload.bin and locate the payload.bin from Stock ROM OTA File
  • wait until success
  • Wipe data and cache: After flashing the Stock ROM, it’s a good idea to wipe the data and cache partitions to ensure that your device runs smoothly.
  • Reboot your device: Finally, reboot your device and set it up with your Google account.


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  • Extract ROM File & tool in same folder
  • Install oppo driver on your computer
  • run Oplus Download tool
  • Login with Oppo ID
  • locate firmware ofp file or dir
  • Click start .
  • Connect Phone to computer followed by this Pattern > Volume up + Volume down + USB cable, if no device then you have to do test point..
  • Wait until Success,
  • once done. unplug device and switch it ON.



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