How to Reboot Into EDL Mod

How to Reboot Into EDL Mod

An exclusive Qualcomm protocol known as Qualcomm EDL (Emergency Download Mod) enables firmware flashing or unbricking in situations where the device is unable to boot normally. You may hear it called Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader Mode as well.

To accomplish complex tasks like unlocking the bootloader, installing custom firmware, or recovering a broken device, device makers, developers, and enthusiasts frequently employ EDL Mode. Unfortunately, not all devices are compatible with EDL mode, and entering it usually necessitates technical know-how and specialized tools.

Devices can be flashed with firmware using specialized software like the Qualcomm Product Support Tool (QPST) or Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL) once they are in EDL mode and connected to a computer.

Flashing firmware and entering EDL mode are two processes that, if done incorrectly, could brick a device; thus, only experienced users should attempt this. To enter EDL Mod on your Qualcomm device, follow these steps:

How to Reboot Into EDL Mod using different ways

How to use Key Combinations

The easiest way to reboot a Qualcomm device into an EDL mod is a key combination; however, it’s limited to some manufacturers like Oppo, Vivo, and Oneplus. You can do it by following the pattern below.

  • Power off the device, hold volume up + volume down and plug usb without Releasing the keys

How to use ADB Command

if your device is in the working stage then you can use the below code to Put your device into edl Mod via the Android adb interface

adb reboot edl

How to use Fastboot command

if your device is stuck in fastboot mod then you can use the below command to reboot into EDL mod

fastbot oem edl
fastboot oem-Dload

How to use Fastboot to EDL tool

fastboot to edl is a window utility which can reboot unlocked Xiaomi devices into edl mod from fastboot mod

How to use test Point

The EDL test point is typically a set of pins on the device’s circuit board that can be shorted together to put the device into emergency download mode. each device has a specific test point.

How to use EDL cable

An EDL cable is a specific type of cable that is used to enter the EDL mode on these devices.



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