Hello friends, in today’s article, you will be able to Download Chromebook Imaginary Wallpapers, We have made sure to provide the HD quality that was extracted from the parent device, The Imaginary Wallpapers from Google Chromebook 8K Resolution on this page have not lost any pixels during extraction.

Download Chromebook Imaginary Wallpapers

Back in September 2020, Google added a set of unique wallpapers to the Chrome OS. Now the company adds a new section under the Chromebook’s wallpaper section with Imaginary naming. The section includes a slew of new 3D colorful wallpapers. Thankfully, the wallpapers are now available for other devices as well. Here you can download Imaginary Wallpapers from Google Chromebook in 8K resolution for your PC and smartphone.

About the Chromebook Imaginary Wallpapers

The new collection bags a dozen of new wallpapers. All these wallpapers are impressive, you’ll love using them on your PC, tablet, smartphone (Android or iPhone), and other devices. These wallpapers are designed by the digital artist Leo Natsume. The images below are titled by the creator namely:

  • All in Bloom
  • Best Friends
  • Birthday Memento
  • Castle of Imagination
  • Creator and Robot
  • Goal
  • Hanging Around
  • New Dance
  • Next Level
  • Reading and Dreaming
  • The Date
  • The Savannas Band

The wallpapers below are available to us in 5000 X 5000 pixels resolution, so there’s no need to be worried about the quality of images.

Below are a few samples added to give the idea of what the Chromebook Imaginary Wallpapers look like:

Chromebook Imaginary Wallpapers – Preview

Download Chromebook Imaginary Wallpapers

If you like the new Chrome OS wallpapers then it is your lucky day as we have the download link to get these wallpapers on your device. Here we attach a direct link of our app (PhoneWalls), Google Drive, and Google Photos link by which you can download these images in their resolution. Here are the download links.

How to Use Google Chromebook Imaginary Wallpapers

After downloading the wallpapers on Desktop, you can simply right-click on the image you want to set on your desktop. Then, hit set as desktop background option. For a smartphone, head over to the downloads folder, choose the wallpaper you want to set on your smartphone’s home screen or lock screen. Open it and then tap on the three-dots menu icon to set the wallpaper. That’s it.

If you’re using the Chromebook, then you can find the Imaginary in the wallpaper section. It is listed in between the Landscapes and Element section. To set a wallpaper on Chromebook, you can right-click on the desktop, then click on the Set Wallpaper option and choose Imaginary from the sidebar. Now you can click on any wallpaper which you want to use as your desktop’s background.

Read me once:

[*] Compatibility: The above Chromebook Imaginary Wallpapers can work for all Chrome browsers out there no matter the version.

[*] Android Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the original firmware for your device, then head over to our Android Stock Firmware page.

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