Download Over The Horizon Samsung Galaxy S24 Ringtone

Download Over The Horizon Samsung Galaxy S24 Ringtone

At the Galaxy Unpacked event, the artificial intelligence-powered Galaxy S24 series of smartphones made their official debut. Samsung has infused the new phones with some exclusive new wallpapers and a new “Over the Horizon” ringtone, in addition to the Galaxy AI features that are already present. In addition to the wallpapers that we have already distributed for the Galaxy S24 series, the time has come to introduce the new ringtone.

Galaxy S24 is the continuation of the tradition of writing new Over the Horizon songs. The “Sound of Nature” theme for this year’s edition brings together the natural world and the traditions of the past. Won Il, who is well-known for directing the music at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, provided the direction for this project.

The traditional music of South Korea is featured in the ringtone, which was created with classical instruments and also includes instruments that are used in the song “Gugak.” The track was reportedly recorded in Dolby Atmos, according to Samsung. You are also able to view the process of creating the Over the Horizon ringtone for the year 2024.

In addition, Samsung has uploaded the new Over the Horizon ringtone to its YouTube channel, where you can also listen to the soundtrack in its entirety. Except for the video, we were able to retrieve the original ringtone from the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The application can be downloaded and installed on your mobile device with ease. The new ringtone is available for download on this page.

Download Over The Horizon Samsung Galaxy S24 Ringtone

Galaxy S24 Over The Horizon Ringtone [Google Drive]

How to Over The Horizon Samsung Galaxy S24 Ringtone

Once downloaded, head over to the downloads folder and open the ringtone, then set it as your default ringtone. That’s it.

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