Download New MSM Download Tool

MSM Download tool is window utility which allow user to flash or Install stock Firmware on their smartphone. The tool support ofp file extension, oppo, realme, Oneplus and sharp ship their devices firmware in ofp extension, that means you can flash any QOCM phone from above listed manufactures.


  • Make a backup Before Process
  • it will ease all user data from the device
  • charge the device at least 50% to Prevent accidental shut down.
  • device running android 8.1 and lower can be flashed with old MSM Download which you can activate for free by following this Guide


  • Flash Oppo Phone
  • Flash Realme Phone
  • Flash OnePlus Phone
  • You can Flash dead Phone (EDL Mod)
  • Work as a Realme Flasher / oppo flasher

How to Install MSM Download Tools:

  • this is a Portable tool and does not Require Installation, just extract it in any folder  & use

How to Activate MSM Download tool:

  • OnePlus smartphone does not Require activation, You can activate for Oppo & Realme phone by following this Guide
  • Contact Me for MSM tool Login password (Paid) for Personal use.

Download Links:

File Name Download
OplusFlashTool_v51.3.4_for_Sales Oppo OnePlus Require Auth) Download
OplusFlashTool_v4.1.5.1_for_Sales Oppo OnePlus Require Auth) Download
OplusFlashTool_v5.0.3.7_for_Sales Oppo OnePlus Require Auth) Download
DownloadTool_Rcsm_V1.2.23_for_Sales realme MTK Download
MSM Download tools 2.0.63 (Latest for Realme Require Auth) Download
MSM Download tools 2.0.51 (Latest for Realme Require Auth) Download
MSM Download tools 3.0 Download
MSM Download tools 4.0.58 Download

Flashing With MSM Download tools:

  • Download latest firmware for your device
  • Download & Install Oppo mtk qcom USB driver on computer
  • Run MSM_Download_tool.exe
  • locate device firmware & click ‘START
  • turn phone off
  • hold Volume up + down key & connect usb
  • Once you see the “Download Complete” Message, you can unplug your phone from PC.


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