YouTube for Windows 11 / 10 updates with Minor Improvements

Multiple minor updates to YouTube‘s server-side functionality, such as the addition of forward and reverse playback buttons, are currently rolling out. The search suggestion interface now works in the dark, and 1080p Premium video is now available in more regions and on more devices.

These updates are currently being rolled out to the Windows 10 and 11 versions of and the YouTube web app for Microsoft Edge and Chrome. You can now skip forward or backward by 10 seconds with the addition of two new buttons, as shown in the below screenshot from Google.

The new previous and next buttons make it simple to skip around a video. By pressing these buttons, you can quickly and easily advance or rewind the video by ten seconds. This function may come in handy for repeat viewings of videos.

Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, you can skip forward or backward in videos by five seconds. If you’re watching the videos on a touchscreen device, you can fast-forward or rewind by tapping the side twice.

YouTube for Windows 11 / 10 – Dark mode gets better.

Google has released a minor server-side update to ensure that search box suggestions are consistent with the design aesthetic of the user’s device.

Before, the search bar didn’t work in dark mode, but that’s changing for everyone.

YouTube’s 1080p premium tier upgrades the bitrate

We recently reported that Google has begun rolling out a new premium tier of YouTube in 1080p with improved bitrate support for Windows users. This premium-only feature aims to boost the bitrate of 1080 videos in order to improve their quality for paying customers.

Previously, only iOS users and residents of certain regions could access YouTube in 1080p higher bitrate. The new ‘1080p Premium’ option on YouTube is now compatible with all regions and configurations, including on Windows 10 and 11.

YouTube videos that can only be viewed in 1080p will still display the option to upgrade to YouTube Premium if you do not already have the service.

Videos that max out at 1080p now have a ‘1080p Premium Enhanced Bitrate’ option, while 4K videos still don’t. Keep in mind that the new premium feature doesn’t add much value. Google has degraded 1080p video quality, but this will undoubtedly improve the viewing experience.

The Windows Latest team was informed by a YouTube employee that the company has begun expanding access to the feature to additional regions.


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