Xiaomi Mesh WiFi 6 Launched with 2,976Mbps Speed

Xiaomi has just presented its new Xiaomi Mesh WiFi 6, a Mesh WiFi system that allows us to extend the WiFi signal throughout our home so that no corner is left without Internet access coverage.

The Xiaomi Mesh WiFi 6 has a main module that works like any other conventional router and extra modules that allow us to expand the WiFi signal as a mesh.

The main module has 4 Gigabit Ethernet sockets. In addition, it makes use of the WiFi 6 standard, thus achieving a fluid connection, both wired and wireless, up to 2,976Mbps.

Both the main and secondary modules are equipped with Bluetooth Mesh technology, allowing them to be linked together instantly. Additionally, each device is capable of managing up to 256 WiFi devices and 200 Bluetooth devices.

Beyond that, the new Xiaomi Mesh WiFi 6 allows you to link to other Xiaomi network devices. Additionally, each module supports OFDMA, Beamforming, BSS Coloring, WPA3, and IPv6.

Xiaomi Mesh WiFi 6 Launched with 2,976Mbps Speed

Xiaomi Mesh WiFi 6, price and availability

The new Xiaomi Mesh WiFi 6 is now on sale in China for 499 yuan, about 58 euros at the exchange rateAt the moment it is unknown when it will reach the Global market, although it will probably do so soon.


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