Xiaomi is trying gesture control technology

Xiaomi is on the verge of unveiling a cutting-edge feature that allows users to effortlessly control their smartphones or tablets through intuitive gestures, drawing parallels to the innovative gesture control functionality found in Google’s Pixel 4. This exciting development empowers users to interact with their devices without the need for physical touch, revolutionizing the way we engage with our mobile technology. In light of previous endeavors that have fallen short, Xiaomi is resolute in its determination to make another foray into this domain, despite the challenges faced by manufacturers such as LG.

The latest findings from esteemed Xiaomi analyst, K. Skrzypek, have unveiled Xiaomi’s intentions to integrate gesture control functionality into their range of devices. Based on a meticulous examination of Xiaomi’s source codes and official graphics, Skrzypek has unveiled the company’s strategic plan to incorporate a Time of Flight (ToF) camera as the designated hardware element for facilitating gesture recognition. The camera possesses the ability to accurately measure distances in close proximity and effectively identify user gestures.

In contrast to the inclusion of the intricate and expensive Soli sensors in Google’s Pixel 4, which did not achieve widespread adoption in the mobile industry, Xiaomi intends to adopt a more economical approach that predominantly leverages advanced software. Although Xiaomi may not be a leading manufacturer in the competitive landscape, it is important to approach its potential for successful implementation with a healthy dose of skepticism.

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The concept of gesture control, which eliminates the need for touchscreen interaction, remains an ongoing focus in the smartphone industry. Xiaomi’s dedication to this technology reflects a renewed commitment to providing users with a more intuitive and hands-free experience.

Xiaomi gesture control technology Features

ToF camera on screen (probably tablet), allowing to

  • *automatically lock screen when you walk a certain distance away
  • *light screen when you come near the device
  • *play/pause playback
  • *turn pages
  • *answer/end calls
  • *adjust volume
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