Xiaomi EV battery With 101 kWh capacity and 726V Leaked

The battery specifications for Xiaomi’s highly anticipated electric vehicle have recently surfaced on the popular social media platform, Weibo. The Xiaomi EV’s design has previously been unveiled, and a prominent Weibo blogger has recently divulged detailed information regarding its battery, which showcases remarkable capabilities.

Xiaomi EV battery details

Electric vehicles typically feature a battery capacity of around 100 kWh. However, it is worth noting that some models may have a slightly lower or higher capacity than the standard 100 kWh. The electric vehicle developed by Xiaomi features a robust 101 kWh battery. The categorization of this electric vehicle’s capacity as either low or high would be inaccurate, as electric cars typically offer a range of models with varying battery sizes. However, it is appropriate to acknowledge that the 101 kWh capacity is indeed ample for most needs.

Xiaomi EV battery With 101 kWh capacity and 726V Leaked

Based on the information provided in the Weibo post, it can be observed that the battery in question is identified by model number A1310C and bears a manufacturer code of f47832. The Lithium-Ion battery boasts an impressive voltage of 726.7V and a commendable capacity of 139.0Ah, which is equivalent to a substantial 101.0 kWh. The weight of the battery is approximately 642.0 kilograms.

Xiaomi EV Price

The precise release date of the forthcoming Xiaomi EV remains undisclosed at present. Based on the analysis provided by the Weibo blogger, it is anticipated that the vehicle will have a price tag of approximately 300,000 CNY, equivalent to roughly 42,000 USD.


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