X Will Launch Premium Subscription for Ad-Free Experience

Since Elon Musk took control of X (formerly Twitter), the company has undergone continuous evolution. He rebranded the service entirely, dropping the familiar Blue Bird logo in the process. The X Premium paid service is being expanded with a new tier that eliminates ads and other features, and this is the latest update to the system.

X Premium Detailed Information

Most of the users are familiar with Twitter Blue, which now has a new identity named ‘X Premium.’ Paraphrase occurs after a change in the platforms’ names. Musk’s new X Premium plan includes a slew of perks, some of which are exclusive: you can change the app’s icon, add an edit posts button, format text, make your posts and videos longer, and gain access to X Pro (previously TweetDeck).

Users on the X Premium plan may currently experience fewer ads in their timelines than those on free plans. However, Elon Musk is speculated to provide users with the option of permanently disabling advertisements, albeit at a higher price.

According to the information, the latest version of the X application includes code that reveals the existence of three new X Premium tiers:

  • Premium Basic – It would still show ads regularly
  • Premium Standard – It would show fewer ads
  • Premium Plus – It removes ads completely

X Premium Cost Detailed Information

Users are currently paying $8 per month and $84 per year for X Premium. When users sign up through the iOS or Android version of the X app, however, the price jumps to $11 and $15, respectively, to account for the 30% commission paid to Apple and Google, respectively.


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