watchOS 9
watchOS 9

With watchOS 9, Apple Watch receives a slew of new updates, including improvements to fitness tracking, new watch faces, and some appealing new health capabilities.

Sleeping and fitness tracking features

Apple Watch, which was announced at WWDC 2022, is giving fitness fanatics far more data for activity tracking, and for users who take any kind of prescription medication, a new reminders function will help you remain on track and even warn you of any potential medication interactions.

WatchOS 9 – New workout types

The inclusion of heart rate zones in fitness tracking is the most significant upgrade, allowing you to target a specific intensity for your workout and have your watch inform you if you are “in the zone.” Other additions to fitness tracking include the ability to see splits, intervals, and elevation changes.

You’re in luck if you’re seeking new Apple Watch faces. Apple is updating many of its built-in faces to take use of the bigger display available in the Apple Watch Series 7, but previous versions such as the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE will also see more changes. These feature new astronomy and lunar faces, as well as a watch face with the ability to scale up the typography.

More details will be added to the watchOS 9 launched.

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