Windows AI Copilot Starting September 26, all Users

Microsoft is investing heavily in the future of AI. Microsoft’s new Windows AI Copilot feature was previewed earlier in the year. The Windows Copilot feature… what is it? Microsoft’s Copilot is an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant or companion that can be accessed directly from the Windows 11 desktop. A new artificial intelligence called Windows Copilot will be available to make using Windows 11 easier. You can ask it for assistance with a limited number of tasks.

You may be familiar with Microsoft’s AI Copilot if you’ve used Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge, or even Bing, the company’s search engine. With Windows 11, Microsoft is finally ready to release its AI Copilot to the public. The new AI Copilot will soon be available to everyone, not just Windows Insiders. On September 26th, Microsoft plans to release its AI Copilot.

Despite Microsoft’s claims that AI Copilot won’t be available until the new major update on September 26th, some users have reported seeing it already. The Windows AI Copilot feature will be available as a taskbar app and as a context menu option when you right-click on certain types of content.

Windows AI Copilot Released Date

On September 26th, you’ll be able to manually check for the update if you’d like. To access Windows Update, open the Settings app and select the tile from the top right corner. If an update to Windows 11 is available in your region and system, you can check for it by clicking the Check for Updates button. The release will start on September 26 but may take a few days to reach all users.


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