Windows 11 Subsystem For Android gets July update

The Windows 11 subsystem for Android has undergone a substantial update, resulting in the inclusion of numerous new features. The latest preview update for July 2023 introduces the WSA version 2306.40000. The latest 1.0 update is now accessible to subscribers of the preview program.

In terms of performance, Microsoft asserts that the WSA has implemented a “partially running mode” that has the potential to enhance its speed on devices with constrained resources, such as those equipped with either 16GB or 8GB of RAM.

One of the key enhancements in the update pertains to camera compatibility, enabling Android applications to optimize their utilization of camera hardware.

In addition, Microsoft has implemented enhanced functionality for full-screen mode, allowing users to optimize their viewing experience. This feature can be effortlessly activated by simply pressing the F11 key on the keyboard. The latest update introduces a hover taskbar feature, enhancing the overall user experience for both mouse and touch interactions. This feature enhances user engagement by providing a heightened level of immersion and interactivity when utilizing Android applications on the Windows platform.

In the latest update, users now have the capability to establish a connection between Android applications and devices within the same network. This functionality can be accessed through the ‘Advanced settings – Experimental features’ section, which has replaced the previous ‘Advanced Networking’ option.


list of all changes in July 2023 update for Windows 11’s Android Subsystem:

  • WSA now shows a prompt if an app attempts to use permission that the subsystem does not have. This improves transparency and user control over privacy settings.
  • Microsoft is switching to EXT4 from EROFS for read-only disks, which can potentially enhance system performance and compatibility.
  • Microsoft has fixed a bug where OneDrive folders do not appear in Android apps.
  • WSA update extends support for drag-and-drop features to include more file types.
  • Picture-in-picture (PIP) mode has been updated with support for more UI buttons. This will likely enhance the usability and functionality of this multitasking feature.
  • Stability fixes for ARM devices and a Linux kernel update to version 5.15.104.



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