Windows 11 July 2023 update boosts gaming with less stutter.

The hidden feature in Windows 11’s July 2023 Update reduces stutter in games when using a device with a high report rate mouse. Windows Latest quotes a Microsoft developer as saying that the latest update to Windows 11 is designed to lessen stuttering in games.

“Some of you will see better gaming performance with the July 2023 update. This [July 2023 Update] improves performance when you use a mouse with a high gaming report rate,” the engineer said. This update, along with Moment 3 features and other improvements, is available with Windows 11 KB5028185.

It’s no secret that Microsoft is putting its chips on the PC gaming industry and that competitive players routinely push the limits of their hardware by using high DPI and high report rate mice, among other tools, to improve response times and precision.

To engage in voice chat or to stream games/apps to YouTube, Twitch, or other platforms, however, gamers need a plethora of novel hardware and input devices. So, to set up input devices like mice, keyboards, and monitors, Windows users turn to an input system.

Since these high-report-rate mice and background processes place a heavy burden on the Windows input stack, the time spent processing input has a direct bearing on the performance of the rendered game.

As a result, Microsoft has improved the speed at which it processes requests for input. The performance was enhanced by the tech giant by limiting the number of background raw mouse listeners and consolidating their messages.

This guarantees more effective input handling for background listeners, allowing more processing time to be devoted to the visual presentation of the game.

Microsoft reported experiencing significant stutter while playing popular games on a Surface Laptop Studio equipped with a 1000 Hz mouse and a group of background listeners prior to the implementation of these changes. After making these adjustments, however, the same setup is capable of providing a seamless, lag-free gaming experience.

This revision is geared towards enhancing input efficiency for in-game bystanders without sacrificing the low-latency, high-precision input experience that games are known for. This change is expected to greatly improve the gaming experience on Windows 11, giving players more fluid gameplay even when a number of other programs are active in the background.


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