When Should You Replace iPhone Battery

Apple products are well-known for their cutting-edge and easy-to-use technologies. Apple’s rapid international expansion can be attributed to the superiority of its cutting-edge products. Apple’s amazing battery and performance technology is just one example. After 500 complete charging and discharging cycles, Apple claims iPhone Battery can retain up to 80% of their original capacity. However, if your iPhone is a little older, you can extend its life and boost its performance by swapping out its battery. But how long should an iPhone’s battery last before being swapped out?

The lithium-ion cells used in iPhone batteries allow for rapid recharging and increased power. While it’s true that all batteries eventually die, there are a number of issues plaguing older iPhones that don’t affect newer models. However, the most recent iPhones’ batteries are constructed using cutting-edge technologies and are immune to battery health issues. Meanwhile, make sure your iPhone is fully charged before checking its battery life, then head to Settings >> Battery >> and Battery Health.

Points to keep in mind when to replace the battery of your iPhone:

  • iPhone battery’s maximum capacity:

You can learn how well your iPhone battery is holding up and when it needs to be replaced by looking at its maximum capacity. To determine how well your iPhone’s battery is holding up, compare its current capacity to its original capacity. The number of charging cycles and the user’s care of the iPhone are the two most important factors in determining the battery’s lifespan. For instance, if you’re trying to conserve battery life on your phone, you should only charge it halfway. It’s not good to leave your iPhone charging in extreme heat, like the sun’s rays, for too long.

  • Chemical aging:

Lithium-ion, the main component of all rechargeable batteries, degrades over time due to chemical aging, shortening the battery’s useful lifespan. The iPhone’s battery is also harmed by the constant process of being recharged.

  • Battery Health degraded:

As soon as your iPhone battery life drops below 80%, it’s safe to assume that its power output has decreased significantly from when you first bought the device. It’s fine if all you do with your iPhone is check your social media feeds, but if you play a lot of games on it, you might want to consider getting a new battery.

How to Replace an iPhone Battery?

Changing the battery in your iPhone is a simple, cheap, and ideal way to extend its useful life. If your iPhone’s battery needs to be replaced, your best bet is to get in touch with a technician at the nearest Apple Store. However, depending on which iPhone model you have, battery replacement can cost as much as $70.



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