WhatsApp v2.23.21.8 Coming With Secret Code Feature For Locked Chats

WhatsApp is getting ready to release a new update that will improve user security. The new update introduces a new feature called secret code for locking the conversations. Users’ conversations will no longer be vulnerable to eavesdropping. To improve your chat’s safety features.

WhatsApp’s New Secret Code Feature Update Details

The latest beta version of WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is being released, and its version number, v2.23.21.8, can be used to easily identify the update by anyone who is interested.

The update is currently in beta testing, so it’s only accessible to a select few users. Those interested can do so by enrolling in the Google Play Beta Program and gaining access to the feature. Soon, it will be available in future updates to all widely.

WhatsApp v2.23.21.8 Coming With Secret Code Feature For Locked Chats

How the Hidden-Code Function Operates

WhatsApp has taken yet another measure to strengthen the safety of its platform. In an upcoming app update, the company will introduce a new feature that will allow users to set a secret code for accessing locked chats. However, the company had already given hints about this function for private conversations a few months ago. It appears, however, that development on this privacy option has begun recently.

This new Secret Code feature allows users to create a unique password for their encrypted chat folder, which is helpful because it can be kept separate from the primary password used to access their smartphone. Also, it offers the users an extra layer of control over their locked conversations. Protected: Users can also set a custom password to increase their privacy while using the device.

This function basically ensures that the protected chats folder remains inaccessible even if the device’s password is compromised, as long as the secret code remains unknown.

The aforementioned functionality is still in the works and will be released at a later time. However, access is limited to the beta testers. WhatsApp will roll out the update as soon as it’s ready.


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