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WhatsApp Updates Tab Gets a Search Button

WhatsApp Updates Tab Gets a Search Button

WhatsApp has altered the entire status tab design, including the name. Users are now enjoying the Updates Tab, which includes updates and Channels. The company is currently working on a new “Search button” for the Updates Tab. Okay! We understand your desire for specifics. Just read the article.

For a few months, the brand has been consistently releasing new upgrades with new features, interfaces, and enhancements to better the user experience. However, the only issue that consumers encountered was in the Updates tab.

The entire interface varies with the new renovation of the tab, based on how people are experiencing the inconvenience of searching for the updates of a specific contact. Specifically, when users began following any channel, the entire Updates tab’s appearance altered and seemed identical to Instagram’s story feed interface. WhatsApp is releasing a new version to address the issue.

New Update Details 

WhatsApp is rolling out the latest beta update, holding up the version number v2.23.20.16; with this version number, users can easily identify the update. For now, the update is in its developing stage and only available for some of the lucky beta testers. Interested ones can get the update through the Google Play Beta Program.

With this new update, the brand is rolling out a new feature by which the users are getting the ability to Search the updates of any particular contact, followed channels, and any other verified channels.

How The New Search Button In Update Tab Works 

With the latest update, the brand is offering a new Search button within the top app bar. So now, finally, the users will be able to search for status updates, followed channels, and other verified channels without even needing to open the channel directory.

Somehow, it must be said the company enhances the overall user experience with channels and updates, making it more convenient to search for and access the content users are interested in. With these new features, it seems like WhatsApp is listening to users’ feedback. As a result, the search option is on the way.

However, as mentioned above, the update is in its developing stage and only available for some of the lucky beta testers. And soon, with the future update, all the users will get the new search button.


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