WhatsApp now lets users send photos and videos in full quality without compression

WhatsApp now lets users send photos and videos in full quality without compression

Today, we have great news! WhatsApp now lets users send photos and videos in full quality without compression

Yes The popular social networking platform WhatsApp is currently in the process of enhancing its features to enable users to send photos and videos in their original, uncompressed quality, thereby ensuring the preservation of visual fidelity. WhatsApp has recently introduced a feature that enables users to conveniently transmit high-resolution photographs in 4K format, a few months following its initial implementation. The latest feature update will enable WhatsApp users to effortlessly transmit high-resolution photos and videos without any loss in quality due to compression. The WhatsApp update is initially rolled out to iOS devices before being subsequently extended to Android.

Meta, previously known as Facebook, has implemented numerous engineering modifications to the WhatsApp platform since August. The compatibility of the 4K resolution feature for transmitting photos and videos extends to WhatsApp version on iOS and version on Android. The latest update of WhatsApp, version 23.24.73 on Apple devices, introduces a new feature that allows users to send videos and images without any loss of quality due to compression. The functionality is activated when the user opts for the Document option instead of the Photo and Video Library. The maximum allowable size for uploads is restricted to 2 gigabytes (GB). The forthcoming release of the Android upgrade is anticipated to be deployed soon. Apple iPhone users can expect to receive the latest update in a matter of days, whereas Android users may experience a delay of several weeks before the update becomes available for their devices.

The most recent version of WhatsApp incorporates novel speech bubbles that serve to signify missed calls, as well as new message reactions that correspond to your personalized WhatsApp avatar. At present, comprehensive information regarding the complete rollout specifics for the latest WhatsApp update on both iOS and Android platforms remains undisclosed. However, this feature allows users to preserve the high quality of their photos and videos when sending them through the WhatsApp platform.

While WhatsApp has made an official announcement regarding the introduction of new features, it is worth noting that the rollout of these features may not be simultaneous for all users. According to the official changelog, WhatsApp will be introducing a new functionality that enables users to initiate voice chats within sizable groups without triggering a ringing notification for all participants. In addition to the aforementioned bubbles and uncompressed media uploads, there are further enhancements to be discussed.



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