What is The New Realme Care Plus

What is The New Realme Care Plus

Realme has released the all-new ‘Realme Care Plus’ with the motto ‘We care, for Real’ for Realme Smartphone customers, through which users can take care of their Realme Phone without worrying about things like screen damage, accidentally shattered, and much more. Realme Care covers everything.

By this Realme Care Plus, users grab benefits in three ways in one place.

  1. Extended Warranty
  2. Accidental warranty 
  3. Screen damage protection. 

This is the official and easy way for Realme users to cover their Realme smartphones and save money through many methods.

Realme Care Plus – Extended Warranty:

This allows you to add a one-year guarantee to your Realme phone and enjoy an unlimited number of repairs and other perks. There are certain restrictions. You can buy the plan within 270 days of purchasing the phone. Its plans range from $589 to $2,849, depending on the phone model. You simply need an IMEI number to purchase.

Realme Care Plus – Accidental Warranty:

It is the most beneficial and necessary item for every user since most phones are damaged by dropping them into water or on the floor, and the repair fees are exorbitant. This accidental warranty has a one-year guarantee duration as an extended warranty. Its plans change depending on the model and the time. This warranty is available within three days of purchasing the phone. Its budget ranged from $689.00 to $4,899. It only protects against accidental damage and liquid damage.

Realme Care Plus – Screen Damage Protection:

One of the most regularly broken or damaged portions of any smartphone, the screen or display, may now be secured, saving you money in the long run. You may save money and protect your phone from duplicate spare parts by purchasing this package.

This, like the other two, may be purchased for a year, and its plans range mostly from 489.00 and 2,849; this screen damage insurance plan covers Accidental Screen Damage. This protection package is only available for purchase within three days after device activation. Its plan differs depending on the Realme smartphone model.

Note: All these three above-stated warranty and protection plans can be purchased via the official store, official website, and selective e-commerce websites.

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