What is OPPO Kids Space Feature On ColorOS 13

OPPO Kids Space Feature helps ypu control the aspect of your phone you want your kids to access. Maybe some OPPO developers have also faced the same things, lol. And facing this, an idea came into their mind of a brand new feature called kids space.

Yes! This can relieve the tension of losing important data or settings from your smartphone to your kids. In ColorOS 13, developers have introduced a new feature named Kid Space.

Creating a Kid Space is a good choice for parents before giving their smartphones to kids because it helps control your kid’s activities using an OPPO smartphone.

What does OPPO Kids Space Feature do?

OPPO Kids Space Feature makes a separate using space for kids that only determined apps are available for kids to use. In this mode, the system will lock all the settings which are essential and allow only limited setting options for kids to use.

Parents have complete authority to install or remove applications deemed required by their children. The interesting part is that children cannot install or remove apps from the store until Kid Space is enabled. And children are unable to turn on, return to regular mode, or quit the OPPO Kids Space Feature because they must provide a password, pin, or draw a pattern that the parent has made. You may specify the time for youngsters to use their phones in this space, from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, 1 hour, and so on.

How to enable the OPPO Kids Space Feature

This feature was introduced with Android 11-based ColorOS 11, and this time is more enhanced and protected than before then it was. To activate the Kids Space, follow this given sequence, Settings> Special feature> Kid Space.

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