Ways to Free Up Space on iPhone

Clear Safari Cache

Safari webpage data may take up a surprising amount of space over time. To clear this area. You must go to Safari > Settings. To confirm the removal, go to Clear History and Website Data and follow the steps 

Remove Messages Automatically

Go to Messages in the Settings app. Then go for the section Messages History. You may choose to save messages for a specific length of time here. You can pick from 30 days, a year, or indefinitely. To make your Messages as simple as possible, choose 30 days. 

Offload App

Offload App

To uninstall an app, go to Settings > General and look for the iPhone Storage option. Scroll down to the app area and choose the program you wish to uninstall. Select the Offload app and then confirm you wish to delete the app while keeping your personal data by following the procedures. 

Delete and Reinstall App

Another option to preserve storage space is to uninstall programs you don’t use very often and just reinstall them when you do. For example, I am planning a backpacking trip this summer and currently have many hiking applications on my phone. When I’m finished preparing, I’ll delete these applications to free up space on my phone and keep them off until I’m ready to plan another trip. 

Delete Downloaded Media

To locate massive media files, launch the Settings app and navigate to General > iPhone Storage. The resultant list will make finding the problematic programs a breeze. You can decide what to do with offline media once you know which applications are storing it.