iPhone 16  and  16 Plus  60Hz displays

The iPhone 16 and 16 Plus may have a 60Hz display refresh rate, falling behind many flagship smartphones' 120Hz.

This decision by Apple has been debated since the iPhone 15 series, which had a 60Hz refresh rate. 

Leaks from South Korean tech site Naver and Twitter leaker @Tech_Reve, suggest that the iPhone 16 series won’t see an improvement in this aspect. 

In line with current flagship smartphone trends, the iPhone 16 series' Pro models are expected to have slightly larger screens with 120Hz refresh rates than the standard models' 6.12-inch and 6.69-inch displays.

Possible reasons for the reluctance to increase the refresh rate include concerns about cost and the potential trade-offs with battery life.

Apple's decision to use a 60Hz refresh rate in its upcoming models may seem inferior as the industry moves toward smoother and more dynamic displays.