Here's the Best Console-Based Party Games to Play

Party games have the potential to provide some of the most memorable gaming experiences.

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They encourage players to band together and work toward a common goal, which can be very rewarding.

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Here are a few party games that are sure to get people cheering, laughing, and excited at any occasion.

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Jackbox Games has been creating excellent party game compilations that are both tough and enjoyable for years.

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Jackbox Party Pack Series

That's You is a great party game for players who know each other well because it is based primarily on what you know about them.

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That's You

In this game, four players collaborate in strange kitchens to prepare ingredients, make cuisine, and serve dishes all at the same time.

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Overcooked 2

Just Dance 2022 is a fantastic party game since it removes the stress of not knowing how to dance by demonstrating exactly what to do on-screen.

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Just Dance 2022

Towerfall is a must-have for any social gathering, with players taking on the role of archers entrusted with shooting the other players.

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Every Rocket League encounter is fast and chaotic in all the right ways, whether you're bashing into opponents, taking wild shots, or scoring great goals.

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Rocket League

VIDEOBALL is a party game designed for people who enjoy inventing complicated schemes and sneaky maneuvers to defeat their opponents.

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