Does iPhone 13 come with charger?


The new 'iPhone 13' from Apple is available in the market.

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Here you can find out whether or not the iPhone 13 series comes with a charger.

Because Apple did not include a charger in the iPhone 12 series last year, you may be wondering if the iPhone 13 series would include one.

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Apple stated last year that it intends to reduce the size of the box in order to support and promote its environmental goals. Apple wishes to reduce the company's carbon emissions.

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The iPhone 13 series includes a SIM ejector and a USB C to Lightning cable along the device itself.

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The iPhone 13 series does not include a charging adapter, and we can expect the same from future Apple devices.

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Another reason, according to Apple, is that most users already have chargers from previous iPhones. And one adapter will just sit there unused.

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iPhone 13 wallpapers are now available and can be downloaded from the link provided.

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