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watchOS 8 Features, Release Date, Supported Devices, and More

WatchOS 7 was launched last year in September 2020, and watchOS 8 is still a ways off, with a lot to discover about what the upgrade will bring.

Apple’s WWDC event is approaching, and we’re excited to see what Apple’s watchOS 8 has in store for us.

The predicted watchOS 8 features, watchOS 8 supported devices, and the likely release date for Apple Watch’s next major OS upgrade – watchOS 8 – will all be discussed in this article.

watchOS 8 Release Date

The next iPhone is expected to be introduced in September, along with watchOS 8. It’s generally at this time when fresh versions are released.

On June 7, 2021, during Apple’s WWDC event, watchOS 8 will be revealed. Along with watchOS 8, Apple will also reveal iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS, and other operating systems.

As a result, we’ll most likely see watchOS 8 for the first time in June, with the official upgrade following in September.

watchOS 8 Supported Devices

There are currently no official details on watchOS 8 compatibility, however watchOS 7 is accessible for all Apple Watch devices dating back to the Apple Watch 3. If any models are eliminated from the list of compatible devices, the Apple Watch 3 is likely to be one of them.

Apple still sells the Apple Watch 3, and discontinuing support for a product that’s still on the market in the same year isn’t very Apple-like, thus watchOS 8 will most likely be accessible for all Apple Watch models that watchOS 7 was available for. You may also go through the list provided below.

List of watchOS 8 Compatible Apple Watches list (Expected)

  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch SE

watchOS 8 Features

We can wait for the rumors and leaks to come in, even though there are no rumored features or leaks. While we wait for them to arrive, we’ve compiled a list of features we’d want to see in watchOS 8.

We’d like to express our gratitude to Angelo Libero for granting us permission to utilize his fantastic concept ideas. For more material and beautiful thoughts, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Here are some of the things we’d want to see in watchOS 8:

1. Better App Store for Watch

Although the Apple Watch has its own App Store these days, it pales in comparison to the iOS version. There are no categories to browse on the watchOS 7 App Store’s main page and no personalized suggestions. It just has a haphazard collection of applications.

We’d want to see the Apple Watch App Store be better with watchOS 8. Its home page, in particular. We want it to become a more inviting and individualized environment. One that displays the applications that you are most likely to be interested in.

2. Better Sleep Tracking

People have been requesting a sleep monitoring function for a long time, and with watchOS 7, one was provided, however it is pretty restricted.

It doesn’t show how much time you spend in each stage of sleep (deep, light, and REM), or how your sleep relates to your bedtimes or stress levels. As a result, the data is both simple and devoid of insight. With watchOS 8, we’d want to see this completely revamped and enhanced.

3. Better Handwashing Monitoring

Hand-washing monitoring is a really essential function in these epidemic times, and it may be valuable even once our lives return to normal, but there is clearly space for improvement.

When this feature first activated, it was inconsistent, and after it started tracking handwashing, it would occasionally halt the timer, even if you were actually washing your hands. You’d need to wash your hands for much longer than the feature recommends.

Some of this will most certainly be a hardware issue, with the Apple Watch sensors not being precise enough, but we expect that with watchOS 8, it can also be rectified on the software side.

4. Better Control Center

Apple has finally added widgets to the iPhone, and we’d like to see them added to the Apple Watch as well. We understand that there are already complexities and that there is less screen area for widgets than on a phone, however certain widgets can be readily added to the Control Center.

These might be more powerful than complexities, allowing you to access more widgets at once. Allow users to browse or slide through Control Center pages; the number of shortcuts and information that may be presented is limitless.

5. Better Workouts and Sports

You can currently monitor a variety of sports and exercises on watchOS 7, but there are always more activities to track, and we want watchOS 8 to include even more of them.

You can perform some very rudimentary monitoring of these things with watchOS 7, and third-party applications provide more extensive tracking choices, but we want Apple to provide full exercise modes for additional activities natively.

So those are some of the watchOS 8 features we’d want to see on the Apple Watch.

We hope you enjoyed this post, and please let us know what features you’d want to see in iOS 15 in the comments section below.

watchOS 8 Release Date, watchOS 8 Features, watchOS 8 Expected Features, watchOS 8 Supported Devices, watchOS 8 Compatibility, and watchOS 8 Apple Watch 3 compatibility are all covered in this article.

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