Xiaomi Miui 12 super wallpaper download

Updated on September 15, 2020

MIUI 12 features Super Wallpapers APK is now available for download too! Get the Earth live wallpapers and Mars Live wallpapers from below. Xiaomi is launching their latest version of Android skin called the MIUI 12 just next week. As per reports, Xiaomi has scheduled the launch on 27 April 2020. The latest MIUI 12 is based on Android 10 and supports several Xiaomi devices. It will also feature Android 11 once Google releases the stable version of Android R somewhere around August 2020. MIUI 12 comes with some cool new features and improved stability for the system. Some of the features include Dark mode 2.0, better notification management, and the all-new gesture navigation system. It also comes with a bunch of cool new wallpapers that can refresh your Android devices. So, download the latest MIUI 12 Wallpapers in high resolution.

Initially, MIUI 12 update will be coming for a few Redmi and Mi devices. Gradually Xiaomi will release it to other devices. MIUI 12 firmware update is coming on April 27 and we will be the first ones to list it here. So stay tuned! To know more about the features and if your device supports the latest MIUI 12 and when it will get the update click on this link. Xiaomi claims to be fixing a lot of issues with this new MIUI and is betting high on it to compete with Oxygen OS 10.5 and One UI 2.1.

Miui 12 super wallpaper download

The wallpapers included below are in zip format. You will need to unzip or extract the packages using the default file manager of your smartphones or PC. All of the wallpapers included are in HD or 4K. There are a total of 66 wallpapers in different and will uniquely blend with your smartphone. Thanks to the Mi Resource team at MIUI Forums, we have these early adaptation wallpapers from MIUI 12 firmware update. So you know, these come directly from Xiaomi.

Below are some few samples added to give the idea of how the wallpapers are gonna be:

MIUI 12 wallpapers download at androidsage
MIUI 12 wallpapers download at androidsage.com screenshot 2


MIUI 12 Touch Your Dreams And Feel The Truth Poster Wallpaper

Bonus MIUI 12 touch your dreams and feel the truth poster wallpaper is also available for download. Here is a preview of some of the stunning MIUI 12 wallpapers for download.

MIUI 12 Touch Your Dreams And Feel The Truth Poster Wallpaper

MIUI 12 official poster wallpaper | Downloads (direct link)

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[*] Compatibility: The above wallpaper can also work for other Android smartphones out there.

[*] Xiaomi Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the original firmware for your device, then head over to the Download Xiaomi Stock Firmware page.

[*] Xiaomi USB Driver: If you are looking for the original USB Driver for your device, then head over to Download Xiaomi USB Driver page.

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