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Vivo Y17 is said to be getting Android 11 Under testing phase

Android 11 is the most recent upgrade for Android phones that is publicly accessible. However, many people are still waiting for the Android 11 upgrade to arrive on their devices. Vivo has also failed to impress its fans, with many Vivo phones currently waiting for stable Android 11. In greyscale testing, it appears that Vivo Y17 is said to be getting Android 11 Under testing phase.

The Vivo Y17 is a cheap phone that runs Android 9 out of the box. The Vivo Y17 is the same phone as the Vivo Y3 that is available in China. Later, the gadget received a substantial upgrade in the form of Android 10. According to the official Android 11 suitable devices list, the Vivo Y17 is one of the phones included. However, because there is no timeframe for a stable Android 11 release, consumers will never know when it will be released until it is officially released to the public.

For a long time, the Vivo Y17 has been requesting an upgrade. And it appears like Vivo is making progress with the Vivo Y17 Android 11 device. Vivo India told consumers that they are doing a grayscale test of Android 11 on the Vivo Y17. It’s similar to a closed beta for a small group of users. However, it offers reason to believe that Vivo Y17 customers will soon be able to utilize Android 11.

Vivo has been testing Android 11 for the Vivo Y17 for roughly a week or two, according to Vivo’s Twitter remarks. As a result, the public beta should be available soon. We’ll update it as soon as the Vivo Y17 FuntouchOS 11 Beta is available to the general market. Vivo India’s response to the Android 11 upgrade for the Vivo Y17 can be seen below.

“Hi, vivo India is here to assist you. We have released the Android 11 for vivo Y17 handset under the grayscale test for some handset. If there will be no negative feedback then we will release the update frequency.”

As you may be aware, Android 11 for Vivo phones is available with the FuntouchOS 11 update, thus if you receive this, it is the Android 11 upgrade. When it comes to new features, you can expect to see a variety of cosmetic modifications, as well as customizable AOD, Multi-turbo mode 4.0, rounder icons, and a few other tweaks. Aside from that, the Vivo Y17 supports the fundamental functions of Android 11.

The update is currently only accessible to a limited number of users, however, once the stable version is out, you will receive an OTA notification. If you don’t get a message, go to Settings > System > Software Update and manually check for updates. It will display the available updates for your phone, which you can download and install.

If the testing goes well, it will be released to the general public soon. If you receive the update, create a complete backup of your phone and charge it to at least 60% of its capacity.

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