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Expect the Update 3.0 for Monster Hunter Rise by the End of May

Monster Hunter Rise is a Nintendo Switch action game that is currently downloadable. In March, the game was announced. The PC version of the game is scheduled to be released later this year.

This is the most recent update of the Monster Hunter franchise, and it’s a fantastic RPG. The aim of the game is to trap and destroy massive monsters before turning them into plants. You’ll be able to gather ingredients that you can use to craft better weapons each time you successfully track down a monster, and better weapons mean you’ll be able to take down a monster a lot easier. Not only that, but when fighting a demon, you’ll be able to switch between 14 different weapons.

Since its March launch, the game has received two patches. There will be a new release at the end of May, according to the schedule. This will be version 3.0, and it will be about 1.4 GB in size. The Japanese publisher’s Twitter account announced the specifics of the upgrade. They also state that you’ll need 2.9 GB of free space before installing the latest update.

Update 3.0 for Monster Hunter Rise by the End of May

Since it isn’t in English, many of you will not be able to understand it. As a result, we’ve done the work for you.

[Notice regarding update]
The free space required for the update scheduled to be delivered at the end of May is expected to be about 1.4GB.
When updating for the first time after purchasing the software, about 2.9GB of free space is required.
Please prepare enough free space.

Apart from size info, the latest Monster Hunter update 3.0 does not announce much else. Though it is understood that the latest update would have some new monsters to play as, as well as a proper ending to the series. Even CAPCOM has been tight-lipped about Update 3.0 for Monster Hunter Rise, so far. Though we’re interested to see what new features and improvements the new version adds to the Switch.

Update 3.0 for Monster Hunter Rise by the End of May

Apart from the mention of the game releasing on Steam early next year, there are few details about the PC version of the game so far. CAPCOM has also announced that as the game’s release date approaches, they will include more details, such as any additional features that will be included in the game and also the minimum interface specifications.

More content will be added to this news report when it becomes accessible. Also, take a look at our gaming category to learn about some of the latest games available.

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