Top 10 Realme UI 4.0 essential features you need to know

Realme has unveiled Realme UI 4.0, the fourth generation UI based on Android 13. Realme UI 4.0 has the most recent features, improvements, and much more. Until recently, only a few smartphones received the Realme UI 4.0 beta upgrade, but the Realme GT 2 Pro received the stable Realme UI 4.0 after only a month of beta testing. Now, we’ll look at the top ten key qualities listed below.

1. Add a new folder

This feature is one of the favorite features in realme UI 4.0. The biggest feature is that you can directly enable applications in large files without first clicking in and then finding the application to open. Operation steps: long press the small folder on the desktop, and click to switch to a large folder; if you want to switch back to the small folder, also long-press the desktop folder and click to switch.

2. Add automatic coding

Realme UI 4.0 pays more attention to the protection of private information in social sharing, automatically recognizes avatars and nicknames in screenshots, and performs one-click coding


  • Open the phone album, select the photo, click Edit below, select Mosaic, and click Auto Code.
    • (Supported applications are as follows: QQ, WeChat, DingTalk)

3. Added time information screen display

This is designed together with students from well-known design colleges to simulate the real projection effect based on the position of the sun and the moon, turning the 24 hours from sunrise today into a colorful ribbon. Based on phone usage data, each wake-up leaves a unique notch on the streamer. The longer it is used, the wider the notch and vice versa. Recording today’s time on the ribbon is also a digital memory that is unique to you. Operation steps: settings, wallpaper and personalization, screen, system style 6, time.

4. Added the world clock on the main screen to display different time zone information

Operation steps: swipe with two fingers in the blank space of the desktop, plug in, and clock-world clock, after adding it to the desktop, click the plus sign in the upper right corner to add other time zone information you want to pay attention to.

5. Suggestions for new permissions

When the applicant applies for permissions, it provides reasonable authorization suggestions to reduce unnecessary authorization. For authorized applications, you can view optimization suggestions and make corresponding modifications. Operation steps: settings, permissions, and privacy, permission management, three dots in the upper right corner, permission suggestions, turn on the switch.

6. Malicious behavior interception

Intelligent analysis of applications through AI security brain, identification and blocking of malicious behaviors of applications such as advertisement pop-ups. Operation steps: Mobile phone manager on the desktop, security tools, malicious behavior blocking, turn on the switch.

7. New information screen to display scene information

Display the latest progress of takeaways and taxis in real-time on the screen. You can also display music playback information on the screen. Double-click to expand the music playback card.


  • Operation steps: settings, wallpaper, and personalization, screen, scene information
    • (Currently, only some applications support the above functions)

8. Add children’s space ambient light detection

When the surrounding light is too dark, remind children to use it in a bright environment


  • Operation steps: settings, features, children’s space

9. Change – Private Atlas

The private album has been changed from the original long-press title to album-atlas-private atlas.

10. Add graffiti brush

Operation steps:

  • Screenshot, edit, mark, and pen icon in the lower right corner
  • Album, single picture, edit, mark
  • Note, edit the penultimate one in the lower right corner


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