Spigen Aqua Shield waterproof case best for Xiaomi underwater images

In the pool, on the beach, or on a boat trip, our Xiaomi is at great risk of falling into the water. Although some models have IP68 protection, not all of the company’s mobiles are capable of remaining submerged without water entering their interior.

In order to protect your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO we recommend the Spigen Aqua Shield waterproof case. With a size compatible with mobile phones up to 8.2 inches, this case is completely waterproof, allowing you to use the device with ease and even take pictures underwater.

Spigen Aqua Shield waterproof case best for Xiaomi underwater images

The Secure Lock System of this waterproof case allows us to protect our smartphone from splashes and even submerge it in the sea at a depth of up to 30 meters without risk. Likewise, it allows us to store credit cards, cash or even important documents inside.

But best of all is its totally transparent cover. Thanks to this we can not only use the screen of the device with great ease but also take totally clear pictures under the sea or the pool.

Where to buy the Spigen Aqua Shield waterproof case for your Xiaomi

At Amazon, we can buy two units of the Spipgen Aqua Shield for only 15.99 euros. This also has a practical adjustable cord to hang it from our neck or attach it to another accessory.


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