Samsung One UI 6.0 Home & Lock Screen Features

Samsung’s upcoming major One UI 6.0 is on its way to improving customers’ experiences with a slew of new features. The business showcased several new forthcoming products during the Samsung Developer Conference 2023, the most notable of which being One UI 6.0.

The Korean behemoths, with this One UI 6.0 version, provide dozens of new capabilities that allow users to accomplish whatever they want at their leisure. In this article, we will examine what’s new with this version in the Lock screen, Home screen, and Typeface’s functions, among many other new enhancements and features.

What’s New in One UI 6.0’s Lock Screen?

Samsung’s newest One-UI 6.0 update includes a few new improvements in the Lock screen functionality to improve the user’s overall experience. However, no significant or dramatic changes are visible. Users now have the ability to change the clock on the lock screen thanks to this new version. Yes, customers will now be able to change their clock to the location of their choice on the Lock screen.

What’s New about One UI 6.0’s Home Screen?

The One UI 6.0 big upgrade brings a slew of new Home Screen capabilities to customers. The business is giving consumers more capabilities and abilities to improve their Home screen experience. Check out what fresh changes have arrived, which are listed below.

Labels for Icons Have Been Simplified

Users will notice that app icon labels have been reduced to a single line, resulting in a cleaner and simpler appearance when compared to the previous version. When the smartphone is upgraded to One-UI 6.0, the words “Galaxy” and “Samsung” will be deleted from a select app names, making them shorter and easier to scan.

Auto-Hide Taskbar

In the case where users employ gesture navigation, they will be able to configure the taskbar to hide automatically. When the taskbar is hidden, users must swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal it.

With Two Hands, Drag and Drop

This new approach will allow users to begin moving app icons or widgets on their Home screen with one hand while still navigating to the screen where they want to drop them.

What’s New in One UI 6.0 Typeface?

Among the scores of new features, the new default typeface, Typeface, has seen a notable upgrade. The organization has a new default font with a fresh and modern vibe thanks to One-UI 6. If the default font is set in Settings, the users will appear in the new fonts. Users who are currently using a different font will continue to see that font after updating to One UI 6.


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