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Samsung May Launch Game Streaming Service on Galaxy Phones

Samsung May Launch Game Streaming Service on Galaxy  Phones

Samsung is planning to integrate cloud gaming into the Samsung Game Launcher, which will be available on Galaxy handsets. As a result of this expansion, one billion Galaxy users worldwide will be able to play popular games in real-time on their smartphones without having to buy a console or download any gaming app.

Notably, the brand is unlikely to compete directly with Amazon Luna, Microsoft Xbox Cloud, and Nvidia GeForce. It appears to be adopting a different approach to cloud game streaming at the moment, focusing on mobile games.

Samsung Introducing Cloud Game Streaming For Galaxy Phone GamesĀ 

For the time being, the Cloud service is in beta, focusing solely on mobile games, as opposed to other cloud gaming services that often provide PC and console games. It currently has seven Playrix and Snow Print Studios games.

According to recent reports, Samsung will shortly debut the beta version of its cloud gaming streaming service during the Samsung Developer Conference 2023 event later this week. According to the sources, the service will be available straight within the Game Launcher application, which comes pre-installed on all Galaxy phones and tablets.

For the time being, the Korean brand is not promoting Game Launcher as a subscription-based service. In its current form, Samsung is likely to market it as an ad-supported service, comparable to Samsung TV Plus, its own entirely free ad-supported video streaming service.

Samsung, on the other hand, already has the GAming Hub, which is pre-installed on its smart TVs. With its new service, the business also hopes to increase game-install ad income. Over the last few years, the requirement for more privacy and constraints on user advertisement targeting have resulted in lower performance for game commercials, and Samsung’s cloud game streaming platform may be a solution to the problem.


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