Samsung, a prominent South Korean technology company, has recently unveiled its inaugural generative AI model named Samsung Gauss. The model is named after Carl Friedrich Gauss, a renowned mathematician who developed the Normal Distribution Theory (Gaussian). This theory is widely regarded as the foundation of AI and ML technologies.

During the Samsung AI Forum, the company stated that the name reflects Samsung’s ultimate vision for the models. This vision aims to draw from all the phenomena and knowledge in the world, with the goal of harnessing the power of AI to enhance the lives of consumers worldwide.

Samsung Gauss is the first Generative AI model developed by the company itself.

Samsung Gauss is currently being utilized to improve employee productivity within the company, and it will soon be extended to various product applications. The model is composed of three primary components: Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image.

Samsung Gauss, a generative AI model, debuts.

Samsung Gauss Language is a powerful language model that aims to enhance work efficiency by providing assistance with various tasks such as email composition, document summarization, and translation. Applying this technology to products can also enhance the consumer experience by enabling smarter device control.

Samsung Gauss Code is a helpful coding assistant designed to streamline in-house software development processes. It simplifies the coding process and offers interactive features such as code description and test case generation.

The Samsung Gauss Image software has the ability to generate and edit images. It allows users to make style changes, add elements to images, and convert them from low to high resolution.

In order to protect consumer privacy, it is possible to apply these models directly on the device. In addition, Samsung’s AI Red Team conducts a comprehensive analysis of security and privacy issues that may occur throughout the process of data collection, AI model development, service deployment, and the outcomes that are generated.

Samsung’s entry into the field of generative AI represents a major milestone in its pursuit of using AI to enhance consumer experiences and improve their quality of life.


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