Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Firmware Download collections (Flash File)

Updated on September 11, 2020

In this post we have managed to share the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Firmware Download, The Purpose of this, is for those facing some issues with the software performance or stability, The Stock ROM package comes as a zip file and it contains Firmware, USB Driver, Flash Tool, and the Flashing procedures.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Firmware Download

If you have not received the notification to upgrade your firmware, then check for the OTA update manually by going into Settings –> System > System Updates. In case if you see any new update, you can hit the download now button to start upgrading your device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Flash File Collections

Build numberRelease DateDownloadCountry
N975WVLS4CTG1August 2020 PatchGet OTACanada
N975FXXU6CTGDAugust 2020 patchGet OTAUAE and Nigeria
N975FXXS6CTGAAugust 2020 Security PatchGet OTAEurope
N975USQS4CTF3July 2020 PatchGet OTAUSA
N975FXXS5CTG3July 2020 PatchGet OTASouth Asia
N976BXXS5CTG1July 2020 PatchGet OTAEurope
N975FXXU4CTE9July 2020 PatchGet OTAEurope
N975WVLS3CTD3May 2020 PatchGet OTACanada
N975U1UES3CTE5June 2020 PatchGet OTAUS Unlocked
N975USQS3CTD6May 2020 PatchGet OTAVerizon
N975FXXS4CTE1May 2020 PatchGet OTABrazil
N975USQS3CTD3May 2020 PatchGet OTAUSA
N975U1UES3CTD3May 2020 PatchGet OTAUS Unlocked
N975FXXS4CTD1May 2020 PatchGet OTAEurope
N975FXXU3CTD1April 2020 PatchGet OTASouth America
N975WVLU3CTCAApril 2020 PatchGet OTACanada
N975U1UEU3CTC9April 2020 PatchGet OTAUS Unlocked
N975USQU3CTC9April 2020 PatchGet OTAVerizon
N975FXXU3CTC9March 2020 PatchGet OTASwitzerland and Germany
N975USQS3BTB5March 2020 PatchGet OTAT-Mobile
N975USQS3BTB6March 2020 PatchGet OTASprint
N975U1UES3BTB3March 2020 PatchGet OTAUS Unlocked
N975USQS3BTB3March 2020 PatchGet OTAVerizon
N975FXXS3BTB9March 2020 Security PatchGet OTAEurope
N975FXXU2BTB5February 2020 patchGet OTAGlobal
N975WVLS2BTA1January 2020 patchGet OTACanada
N975FXXS2BTA8February 2020 patchGet OTANew Zealand
N975USQU2BTA9February 2020 patchGet OTAVerizon
N975USQS2BTA7February 2020 patchGet OTAT-Mobile
N975FXXU1BTA3January 2020 patchGet OTASouth Africa
N975FXXU1BTA4January 2020 patchGet OTAEurope/Middle East
N975U1UES2BTA1January 2020 patchGet OTAUzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Russia
N975FXXS2BTA7February 2020 patchGet OTAUS Unlocked
N975USQS2BSLAFebruary 2020 patchGet OTAGermany
N975FXXS1BSLEJanuary 2020 patchGet OTASprint/Verizon
N975U1UES2BSLDJanuary 2020 patchGet OTAThailand
N975FXXU1BTA5January 2020 patchGet OTAUS Unlocked
N975WVLU2BSL7Get OTACanada
N975FXXS1BSLDJanuary 2020 patchGet OTAGermany
N975FXXU1BSL7December 2019 PatchGet OTAThailand and Germany
N975U1UES1ASI3October 2019 Security patchGet OTAXXX Region
N975FXXU1ASJ2October 2019 Security patchGet OTAUS Unlocked
N975U1UEU1ASHESeptember 2019 Security patchGet OTAT-Mobile Carriers
N975USQS1ASI3September 2019 Security patchGet OTAAT&T Carrier
N975USQU1ASI2September 2019 Security patchGet OTASprint, T-Mobile, Verizon
N975USQU1ASHBSeptember 2019 Security patchGet OTAEurope Region
N975FXXU1ASHESeptember 2019 Security patchGet OTASprint, T-Mobile, Verizon
N975USQU1ASH4August 2019 Security patchGet OTA
N975FXXU1ASH5August 2019 Security patchGet OTA
N975FXXS1ASKADecember 2019Get OTAUS Carrier
N975U1UEU2ASJCNovember 2019Get OTA
N975U1UES2ASK2December 2019 Security patchGet OTA
N975FXXS1ASKBDecember 2019 Security patchGet OTA
N975FXXU1ASK1November 2019 Security patchGet OTAEurope
N975FXXU1ASJMNovember 2019Get OTA
N975FXXS1ASJJNovember 2019 Security patchGet OTA
N975USQS2ASJ8November 2019Get OTAUS Carrier
N975U1UEU1ASJ3October 2019Get OTAUS Carrier
N975FXXS1ASJGNovember 2019Get OTA
N975FXXU1ZSJFGet OTAUS and Europe
N970FXXU1ASJ2October 2019Get OTA

If you’re using the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus or planning to buy it, then this guide is for you. There are plenty of issues which can arise while you use your phone. It can be a camera issue, battery draining or charging issues, Google apps issue, or performance issue

Need For Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Firmware

If you’re facing any kind of similar issue with your handset, you’re in right place. Some times, advanced users want to flash any mod file, install a custom recovery, bootloader unlock, or root their devices. In this case, they may get some issues with boot loop or soft bricking as well. So, you need to reinstall the Stock ROM again to fix most of the issues below.

  •  Downgrade or Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.
  • Unbrick Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.
  • Unroot Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.
  • Fix Issues on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.
  • Offers compatible and stable user experience
  • Revert back to stock to gain your warranty (if applicable)
  • Fixes the OTA update issues

Lets Flash Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Firmware

  • Download and extract the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus stock firmware package on the computer.
  • After extracting the package, you will be able to get the Firmware File, Flash Tool, Driver, and How-to Flash Guide.
  • Install the provided USB Driver on the Computer (if in case the USB Driver is already installed, then SKIP this step).
  • Follow the How-to Flash Manual to Flash or install the Firmware on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus device.

Read me Once:

[*] Caution: you are going to use the Odin Download Tool to flash or install firmware or root file, then take a backup first, as during the flashing or installation process your data may be lost.

[*] Flash Tool: If you wish to download the latest version of Odin Download Tool, then head over to Odin Download Tool page.

[*] More Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the original firmware for other Samsung devices, then head over to Download Samsung Stock Firmware page.

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