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Samsung Galaxy A34, Galaxy S22 Gets One UI 6.0 beta 3

Samung Galaxy A34, Galaxy S22 Gets One UI 6.0 beta 3

Samsung is continuing to improve its One UI 6.0 update. Following the announcement of One UI 6.0 at SDC23, the company released the sixth beta update for the Galaxy S23 and the second for the Galaxy S22 series. Samsung is releasing One UI 6.0 beta 3 for the Galaxy A53, and the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy A34 5G receive their second beta.

The company offers One UI 6.0 for the Galaxy S22, Galaxy A53, and Galaxy A34 5G in India, and possibly other markets, based on Android 14 beta testing. The new One UI 6.0 beta update from the Korean tech giant includes bug fixes and performance enhancements.

India is now accepting testers for One UI 6.0 beta 2 for the Galaxy S22 and A53. The firmware update (S90xBXXU7ZWJ3 and A536EXXU7ZWJ1) includes the October 2023 security patch. The size is 1.50GB and 960.73 MB. For Galaxy A34, the Android 14-based One UI 6.0 beta 3 update is available with firmware version A346EXXU4ZWJ2.

On the first of the month, Samsung Galaxy A34 5G users received One UI 6.0 Beta 2 (version ZWI4). This update has many bug fixes and improvements.

One UI 6.0 beta 3 is available for Galaxy A34.

Galaxy A34 One UI 6.0 Beta 3 comes with several bug fixes and improvements like improved Quick Panel brightness setting, fixes Samsung Wallet, Stopping Event, Keyboard Focusing, and Fun Mode Quick View entry issues, and improvements to UDS and PhonePe.

  • Improved quick panel brightness setting
  • Fixed the problem of disappearing Samsung Wallet from the home screen
  • Improved stopping phenomenon when pressing long on the home screen
  • Fixed the problem of keyboard focusing going to the phone app in the background
  • Fixed fun mode quick view entry error
  • Improved UDS
  • Improved Phonepe

One UI 6.0 beta 2 available for Galaxy S22:

Android 14-based One UI 6.0 Beta update for Galaxy S22 comes with lots of improvements to its gesture activity, Quick panel, and Improved app crash such as Smart surge, Launcher, camera, etc. Moving on, this update also applied the Google stabilization code and the latest security patch to deliver a seamless user experience.

  • Improved icon disappearance when changing the Home layout while using no gesture hint
  • Improved the issue of not seeing icons or not touching the Quick panel in specific situations
  • Improved app crashes such as Smart Surge, Launcher, camera, etc.
  • Applied Google stabilization code
  • Applied the latest security patch
  • The storage icon is not showing the storage analysis


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